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asdf Fiat Infrastructure for the Decentralised Economy

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Knabu Utility Banking

Utility Banking

  • We are a DLT company based in London
  • We have started our bank authorisation process to solve the problem of denial of bank accounts to blockchain businesses
  • We are building a Utility Bank from scratch & engineering it to leverage DLT, alternative to SWIFT
  • We want to drive the deconomy with new products and services
Token Driven Development Platform | Team

Token Driven Development

  • We are developing a springboard for credible token projects
  • The TDD DApp is designed to incentive good actors & reward quality projects
  • By enabling them, we help optimise value & information transfer
  • Our built-in technology allows projects to be supported by KYC’d crypto enthusiasts who can participate in the project's journey

"We have witnessed the denial of banking services first-hand.... Difficulties have been particularly pronounced for firms wishing to leverage DLT (Distributed Ledger Technologies), become payment institutions, or become electronic money institutions. We are concerned by what appear to be blanket refusals for certain kinds of applicant firms."

Financial Conduct Authority

"The underlying technology of crypto-assets—distributed ledger technology, or DLT—could help financial markets function more efficiently. Self-executing and self-enforcing “smart contracts” could eliminate the need for some intermediaries"

Christine Lagarde, MD of IMF

Meet Knabu’s CoFounder/CTO

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What is Knabu?

Meet our Experienced and High-Integrity Team

Gabrielle Patrick - Knabu Team



Knabu Utility Banking



Ian Grigg - Knabu Team



Rod Ashley - Knabu Team



Experienced Mgmt. Team

  • Blockchain dev talent
  • We've built successful blockchain companies already
  • Banking expertise

Domain Expertise in Regulatory Landscape

  • Legal/regulatory background
  • Regulatory engagement begun July 2017

Integrity & Transparency

  • High integrity team and approach to market
  • To achieve our vision we have set business, technology and regulatory milestones